Isn't it lovely, all alone?
Heart made of glass, my mind of stone.
Tear me to pieces, skin to bone.
Hello, welcome home...

About Me~
Full Name: Vanya Viras
Pronunciation: Vahn-yah Vee-ross
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Place of Birth: Golmore Jungle
Birthday: The 6th Sun of the Third Astral Moon (May 6th)
Currently living in: Gridania
Species/Race: Rava Viera
Occupation: Dancer, Escort
Orientation: Homosexual
Relationship Status: Single
Body Build: Lithe
Height: 5'6” (1.7m)
Weight: 120lbs (54.4kg)
Skin Color: Caramel
Hairstyle: Short with his bangs pinned back
Hair Color: Dyed brown with blond highlights
Eye Color: One pale blue, One pale green
Distinguishing Features: Always wearing makeup
Preferred Clothing: Tight-fitting clothing in blues or dusty purples
Accessories: Always wearing jewelry

My StoryVanya was relatively young when his father went away and never came back; the grief killed his mother, too, leaving the poor boy to all but raise himself in the woods. He was too stubborn to accept help or maybe too afraid to lose anyone else.There was only one he accepted help from, his best friend. Even though his friend's family did not want him around, they were inseparable. He was the freak, the weird kid. Shunned by the entire village, considered a curse and a heathen. The boy couldn't find a kind hand anywhere he went.One day after getting caught playing in the woods with his friend Arne and getting punished for the last time, Vee ran away. Far away from his home, he was shaky and upset, and he lost his balance, falling into a ravine and losing consciousness.When he awoke, night had fallen, and he was lost and alone in the woods. Wandering helplessly, the boy was found by mercenaries who kidnapped him, took him to their base, and kept him prisoner for weeks. During that time, the boy refused to take anything they gave him; he wouldn't eat or drink and refused to leave. He couldn't understand the strangers, and the strangers couldn't understand him, and it took a long time for the boy to start picking up their strange tongue and learning their meaning, with the help of the only one he liked, Eliet. Eliet was kind to him and patient. He tended his wounds and helped him learn what things were and how to understand the other men and what they wanted. He quickly figured out that the strangers were looking for his village, and he knew under no circumstances could they be allowed to find it, so his hunger strike continued.He weakened over time, the malnutrition and dehydration getting to him, Eliet begged him to reconsider, but the young Viera refused. He wouldn't let himself be indebted to people that wanted to harm his people.Then one morning, Vee awoke to the sounds of battle and the smell of fire. The hut he was trapped in was catching flame, and through the makeshift windows, he could see Viera clashing with the strange men. His people had come for him, or at least come to chase to get rid of them.The fire burned hotter, and the boy screamed and beat on the door, begging for someone to get him out of there, but no one seemed to be able to hear him. Curling up on the floor, in the corner, and choking on smoke, the boy resigned himself to his fate. That's when the door burst open, and in came Eliet, scooping up the barely conscious Viera and fighting his way out of the burning build him. He was safe. Someone had come for him. He should have known Eliet would never abandon him. Eliet carried him across the battlefield, trying to get the weak and injured boy to safety through a flurry of blades and arrows, some piercing his armor, but the man didn't drop him. A battle cry rang out, and Vee looked up to see Arne charging toward them with his lance. What happened next happened so quickly there was barely any time to react.Eliet saw the young Viera man charging; he twisted his body to shield Vee, and then Vee heard the sound of a blade on flesh as he found himself airborne, then tumbling across the ground. He coughed and whimpered against the pain, pushing himself up on shaking arms to fall to the ground again. He looked over towards Eliet, worried, in time to see his own best friend, standing over him with a foot on his chest and driving a blade through his heart. The moment that forever scarred the Viera - a cry ripping from his throat only to end in a coughing fit - as the boy succumbed to his injuries again.After that, Vee was returned to his village and nursed back to health though he knew it was out of obligation and nothing else. As soon as he was well enough to stand, he left to care for himself in the woods once again. He was ashamed of his people, ashamed of his friend. He mourned the loss of Eliet, even if no one else did. He promised that day that he would learn the Common tongue thoroughly, find Eliet's family and tell them what a hero he had been - that Vee only lived because of his sacrifice. Vee promised that day that he wouldn't give up until then and spent many turns finding other villages outside of the jungle and learning their tongues.Until the night Arne confronted him. The boys had not talked or barely looked at each other since that day on the battlefield, though they were both barely boys now at all. Arne tackled him to the ground, and Vee fought back, scrambling away and drawing his bow, ready to lose it at the murderer he once called a friend.After much arguing, Vee confessed that though he once loved the man, he could never forgive him for the innocent life Arne had stolen. In a fit of anger, Arne told him he knew he was a freak and a sympathizer for Outsiders, and if Vee walked away now, he would tell everyone what a traitor Vee was. Vee fired an arrow at the other Viera, then another, warning shots, but each grew closer to Arne. Hateful words that haunted both the boys were exchanged, and then after fighting until they could barely stand, they parted ways, both heartbroken and angry.Not long after that, Vee was banished. His "unnatural" love for the outside people ensured that he'd lost his home forever...

Present DayFollowing the loss of his family and his home, Vee wandered searching for new connections and new purpose. He was often found in clubs and venues, being awkward and/or antagonistic as he doesn't know any other way to be. He took up dancing first as a way to survive and slowly it became a way of expression for him. That way of expression led him to cross paths with the mysterious Manager, a chance encounter that has changed his fate forever...


OOCThanks for checking out my Carrd! Sorry, there isn't much information on here. This is my first attempt at it. I'm a disabled, nonbinary long-time rper that loves being a part of people's stories whether for a night, a week or something longer.That said, I prefer long-term stories.I love dark/mature themes, and I love light-hearted shenanigans. I like going wherever the rp takes us naturally, but if you would like to discuss things before hand, no need to be shy!I am the kind of player that just lets stories play out and goes with the flow. Though while I am okay with erp, I set the standard that there will be no non-con. I reserve the right to put an end to rp that is out of my comfort zone, and either refund or discount the service depending on the situation.Romance is okay! my character is still a person after all and while this is their current occupation, the story will flow on and things can change.My schedule is very open, I don't work, if I'm online and not rping, always feel free to reach out. If I'm not online but you want to do something, discord is always an option!
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